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Welcome to Exchange City Providence

Exchange City 2.0 is an experiential learning program facilitated by Education in Action located in Providence, RI that gives students a basic understanding of government, economics and financial literacy in addition to workforce skills.

Each year, approximately 4,000 students from greater Rhode Island become Exchange City citizens as they connect classroom lessons to real world experiences.

Quite literally a city built for and run by students, Exchange City 2.0 allows for the practical application of classroom lessons. This program takes place both inside the classroom and at our hands-on learning center located in Providence, RI.  

Students participating in Exchange City 2.0 will partake in:

  • Creating budgets and business plans
  • Balancing a checkbook and writing checks
  • Using economic theories as they run their businesses including producing, pricing and selling items
  • Writing resumes, applying and interviewing for jobs
  • Effectively managing time, tasks and each other
  • Running a government, paying taxes, holding elections and writing laws
  • Career exploration
  • Real-life simulations

View our Exchange City video to see students and teachers in action at Samuel Slater Jr. High in Pawtucket, RI!

This Fall we are launching Exchange City 2.0; a modernized and restructured version of our former curriculum. We have taken into account the ever changing world of education and listened to the current needs of teachers & students alike. Exchange City 2.0 is user friendly and allows for a seamless integration into any classroom.

Our Exchange City 2.0 curriculum consists of classroom instruction coupled with a one-day simulation at our mock-city learning lab. In general, the curriculum takes about 15 hours of classroom time to complete and can be easily integrated into to teacher’s lesson plans as they see fit.

The Exchange City 2.0 curriculum consists of 2 parts:

Getting Started in Economics: These are the lesson plans that give students the background they need to be successful in the program. 

Citizens at Work:  This portion of the curriculum includes lessons and activities that will prepare students for the simulation.

Teachers are provided an Exchange City curriculum at enrollment.

Once students arrive at Exchange City in Providence, RI, it is time for them to put their knowledge into action. This remarkable learning center gives students the ability to take lessons learned in the classroom and apply them to a real-world setting.

There are 14 fully functional shops in Exchange City and each shop is critical to the city’s economy. When students arrive, they must first receive a business loan from the Rhode Island Credit Union Exchange City branch before opening their business. The goal, of course, is to pay this loan back at the end of the day.

Throughout the day students earn paychecks by working in one of the city’s businesses in roles ranging from business owner to accountant, web designer to news reporter, and even Exchange City Mayor! As they become Exchange City citizens, students must play the role of the consumer and producer as they make critical decisions on how to best spend their own personal paychecks, as well as determine best spending practices for their company.

Additionally, our facility has undergone many technological improvements to get us ready for the 2010/2011 school year.

We have highly skilled floor instructors who will facilitate the simulation and are available to assist you and your students every step of the way.

Learn more about the shops inside Exchange City & our Rhode Island community parters here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exchange City

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